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Free Drawing

When i was in school i remember not being able to sit down without having to doodle, i probably would not have finished school if i didnt have a blank sheet of paper with me all the time, i couldn't sit still but being able to sketch while i did work def helped me out, and i thank all my teachers that let me do that for me to be able to actually learn. Saying that, now that im an adult (what?) responsibility and being busy take up most of my time / attention, and with commissions and gallery shows i sometimes have to revert back to that original stress reliever, a blank sheet of paper and my free drawing. Of coarse a blank sheet of paper is now photoshop + tablet, but the action is still the same. I love to free-draw, just letting the lines determine what comes out. I've been on an old 90's hip hop cartoon kick lately and this is what happens.....

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